On a Mission


Celebrating the courage and commitment of our veterans, armed forces and first responders with every cup of coffee.


Support the needs of veterans, armed forces, first responders and their families by sponsoring and supporting events, as well as donating 20% of our net profits to charities aligned with our mission.

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American Heroes Coffee Company’s Founder - Jeff Cercy

Jeff Cercy has a family history in the military.  He grew up as an Army dependent. His father spent 32 years as an Army Air Defense Officer and retired as a Major General doing tours in both Korea and Vietnam.   After this exposure to the military and all the different places his father was stationed,  Jeff joined the Marine Corps after college in 1982.   Upon completion of his initial commitment, he moved over to Army Special Forces where he spent the majority of his 21 years serving part time in the National Guard, including a deployment shortly after 9-11 to Afghanistan for a year.  His son is also currently in the Army and assigned to a Ranger Battalion and has been deployed a couple times to Afghanistan.  In addition, his son served as a volunteer fire fighter in Boulder for wild fires and then in the Denver area for a few years.   Jeff has a strong desire to help give back, increase the public awareness of what all veterans and first responders do daily, and to provide these “Heroes” with business opportunities where he can.   This is the primary goal and reason for working with his partner to start American Heroes Coffee Company.  He also is a leader for the Veteran Employee Resource Group at a large Fortune 500 company and volunteers at an Equestrian center for Veterans with PTSD.